Tuesday, March 22, 2016

No Truck Garden This Year

My father, who just turned 90 last November, is a pecan tree nut (pun intended).  I think I've mentioned that we have over 400 pecan trees here on the property.  They haven't been cared for as of late, so my husband and I have made a decision:  This year we start working the trees in earnest.

The trees are 58 years old, so they're HUGE and it's too late to prune this year. This isn't a good thing.  Plus, they're hungry.  Plus there are pests and fungi to deal with.

We're not going to have it easy.  And fertilizer, chemicals, fuel, repairs etc. aren't cheap.  But my Dad adores these trees and we want to bring in a good harvest not only for the money, but to make him happy.  

So...our truck garden isn't in the works this year.  Instead, we're just going to grow enough for us (hopefully).

I'll keep you posted.

PS: FYI, that tractor at left is huge.  See the itty bitty old man operating it?

That gives you an idea how big the trees are. And these pix are 4 years old!